Grande Anello dei Sibillini

Stage 1

Visso- Fiastra

Development: km 32
Total elevation gain: m 1007
Total height difference downhill: m 858
The first stage of the Great Ring of the Sibillini starts from the center of Visso, a town at the confluence of numerous valleys that converge in a place rich in history. Go along the valley in the direction of Ussita to climb towards the small village of Casali where a break for a coffee allows you to enjoy the beauty of the dolomitic Monte Bove. Continue along the left-hand road that crosses the Pian Terrena and Pian del Capriolo grasslands, up to Monte Coglia, from which you descend to Trebbio, in the Fiastrone Valley, with sweeping views of the turquoise lake and the rolling hills of Camerino .